Day Tripping from Boston to Salem

After looking at Boston’s MBTA transport map, I realised just how many interesting places there are to visit in the surrounding area. One place that stood out for me was Salem, partly from reading The Crucible in high school but mostly because of the cat from Sabrina the Teenage Witch. I did a bit of research into the town that is famous for its witch trials in 1692, and decided that I would visit there for a spell (pardon the pun, please).



I decided to take the commuter rail which was $14 for a return ticket and took just over half an hour each way. If you have some extra cash and really like boats then you can take the Salem Ferry, which will set you back $45 for a round-trip ticket.

Once you get to Salem, most of the attractions are witch-themed, as you can imagine. There is also the Peabody Essex Museum and the Maritime National Historic Site (which is free to visit) if you’re not a fan of witches. I did my own walking tour of the town, which I have to say has some of the prettiest buildings that I’ve seen. The harbour is also beautiful and has some fancy seafood restaurants (if that’s your kind of thing).


After browsing all the attractions on offer, I decided that I couldn’t go to Salem without visiting the Salem Witch Museum. I was slightly apprehensive for visiting it because I was a little scared that people were going to jump out and try to scare me, but that wasn’t the case at all. The first half was a presentation which explained the Salem Witch Trials really well using sets that were placed in an oval-shaped room that everyone sat around. The second half was a talk by very knowledgeable guides on how we’ve perceived witches throughout history. I actually came out of the museum with a lot of knowledge about witches, and to my delight no-one had tried to terrify me.


I think a visit to Salem is a must if you’re in Boston, especially if you’re a bit of a history nerd like me, are interested in witches, or just want to get away from the big city for a few hours!


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