5 reasons why Boston is my new favourite US city

I just spent 5 days in Boston, Massachusetts after wanting to visit there for years and years. It completely exceeded all of my expectations, and after only a few hours of being there I concluded that it had knocked New Orleans off the top spot in the list of my favourite US cities (which is just floating around in my head). Here are 5 reasons why I fell in love with Boston (in no particular order):



#1 ~ I felt safe

In most other places that I have visited, both in the US and elsewhere, there has always been a little worry at the back of my mind about safety (especially when I’m travelling solo) – mostly those worries are pick-pocketing, stumbling into sketchy areas and people who don’t look entirely trustworthy. I felt like in Boston I needed to still be cautious, but not overly or any more than I would be when I’m walking around places that I visit on a regular basis and know like the back of my hand at home.


#2 ~ The people

There seemed to be the perfect mixture of people in Boston – international tourists and ones from the US, students, important-looking people in suits, people who’s only job seemed to be hanging out on the common all day, couples, families and also plenty of solo travellers! And guess what? 90% of the aforementioned people were so friendly and welcoming. Now there’s a refreshing change!


#3 ~ It is stunning

The first thing I did in Boston was take a stroll up the common and to the Back Bay/Beacon Hill area. I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was. Over my 5 days I managed to visit all the major areas in Boston and although they were all distinctly different, they all had a charm and character that I haven’t seen anywhere else in the States. Also, there is such a funny mixture of old and new buildings, but somehow it works extremely well!


#4 ~ There really is something for everyone

When you’re on a trip somewhere its so nice to have a variety of things to do and see, and I think Boston really does have something for everyone. Its one of the most historic cities in the US, has numerous museums for a range of different interests, the variety of food is huge, it has an enviable selection of shopping areas, is home to one of the most prestigious universities in the world and to top it all off has an incredible harbour.


#5 ~ Walkability 

Here’s one of my favourite things about Boston –  its relatively small so you can walk between most of the places that you will want to visit! And even if you have to take a long walk, the likelihood is that it will be picturesque with plenty of interesting sights along the way. And burning all those calories means that you can eat more ice-cream!

Look out for more posts about my trip to Boston coming soon!


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