A Weekend in Edinburgh

It has been a busy month or so (as you can tell by the lack of posts), but I managed to squeeze in a 2-night trip to Edinburgh which was packed with a lot of bagpipes, eating and me saying “it looks like something from Harry Potter!” at least twice hourly.


Here’s how it went:

We arrived into Edinburgh Waverley station, which is so big that buses go through the middle of it. After checking into Travelodge (because really, why would I stay anywhere else?), we headed straight out to the National Museum of Scotland for the last hour of its opening for the day. I thought it would be pretty small and not have much to see – oh, was I wrong! We wandered around for an hour and decided to go back the following day to see everything. Not only is it in a beautiful building, but it is also home to some incredible exhibits, including the sassy giraffe pictured below (and its free!)



We headed down the Royal Mile to find food, which was in the form of Italian street food from Civerinos. I had heard about this restaurant via Instagram, and it did not disappoint. After sharing the arancini, pizza and zeppole I felt like I was in (the best kind of) food-coma. It was honestly one of the best meals that I have eaten – if you’re in Edinburgh, you must try it!

The following day, after returning to the National Museum of Scotland, we walked up to Edinburgh Castle and wondered around all the mini museums that are inside of it, including the crown jewels of Scotland! There are breathtaking views of the city from the walls which can’t be missed, and an adorable dog cemetery too.

I was so excited to go to the National Gallery of Scotland, but when we got there a lot of the galleries were closed so it took me a mere 15 minutes to stroll around it – such a disappointment. This meant that we had even more shopping time though – some of the independent shops in the Old Town have such unique items, and there are all the high street shops that you could think of at the other side of the city too.

Walking around all day is tiring, so we decided to go to the World’s End pub, so called because it used to be outside of the gate into Edinburgh, where the world might as well have ‘ended’ for locals. It’s so popular that there was already a wait for a table in the restaurant early in the evening, so we ate in the pub area instead which was just as pleasant – its easy to see why the food has won awards (I highly recommend the mac and cheese) and in the setting of a traditional, cosy pub it couldn’t get much better.


Its so easy to see why Edinburgh is so popular, I fell in love with it more and more each time I glanced down a tiny side street, saw quirky independent shops, bars and eateries and soaked up the ancient feel of the city. I hope it isn’t too long until I can visit again!



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