Berlin, Day 1.


After an early morning flight to Berlin SXF airport, trying to navigate across Berlin’s transport system to get to our hotel wasn’t the most pleasant of tasks. Luckily we weren’t alone in our initial confusion, which was slightly more comforting. Fortunately I had already printed off a very useful instruction list for getting to our hotel from the airport.


We then arrived at our hotel in Kreuzberg, which was the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Berlin City Kreuzberg, dropped off our bags and and headed out for a pre-check-in browse around the area. Kreuzberg is one of the poorest areas of Berlin and this is somewhat reflected in it’s aesthetics. However, the range of nationalities in in the area (there is a large Turkish community) gives it a diversity and charm which is unique in Berlin.

Checking into our hotel and seeing the lovely room (complete with built in radio mirror and free Turkish Delight) was an escape to luxury from the run down streets of Skalitzer Strasse.



Finally, we got to venture to the very centre of Berlin in the late afternoon for a few hours, and first impressions didn’t disappoint. We walked around the area near Unter Den Linden and got our bearings (and of course, stopped for an enormous pizza along the way). I couldn’t wait to explore more!





3 thoughts on “Berlin, Day 1.

  1. Finding your hotel in Berlin is always a little tough. I’m glad to see that you made it anyway and enjoyed your first day. There’s a hell lot more to see. Enjoy it! 🙂


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